Tips for Finding a Quality Beacon Family Law Professional

A family law attorney deal with a number of different cases that involve guardianship, divorce, adoption, marriage and child custody. If you are in a situation where you want to adopt a child, arrange a pre-nuptial agreement or file for divorce, then hiring a divorce lawyer in Perth professional can be quite beneficial. Even though lawyers are a dime a dozen, they are definitely not all created equally. In order to find a reputable family lawyer in Perth, use the tips here.

Determine the County where the Case is being Filed

Generally, the case will take place in the county where the parties live, or the county where the opposed party lives. This means if you are filing for a divorce, you will have to file in the county where your spouse currently resides.

Create a List of Potential Lawyers

You need to find an attorney in the county where the case is being filed. This will ensure that the family law in Perth professional you hire is familiar with the local customs, court staff, judges and even the other attorneys who will be involved in your case. It is a good idea to gather the names of several different attorneys in the area. You can source these names by looking online, in the yellow pages or by asking family and friends for referrals.


Do Your Homework

You can complete some simply research such as a background check, which will give you a good amount of information regarding the attorneys that are on your list. Other places to look for information include: looking on websites for the attorney; the attorney’s social media profiles; or from press releases and news stories.

Call and Make an Appointment

Once you have narrowed your list down to about five or six options, you should see if they offer a free consultation. If so, ask for an appointment where you can discuss your legal needs and particular situation. During this meeting, you should bring all related documents with you and be ready to ask the attorney questions regarding their defense strategies and other information.

Once you have completed your initial consultation you should have a feeling of which attorney is best for your needs. Remember, it is always a good idea to trust your gut, and this is no different when looking for a lawyer. For more information, contact Beacon Family Law and discuss your needs today.


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